Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna: Squirrel triumphs over Rabbit Ears

HDTV Antenna

(Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna)

A new product has burst into the world of free over-the-air entertainment with a resounding shock wave.  The Jet Squirrel Universal HDTV antenna captures free over-the-air broadcasts with solid quality signal.  Roughly the size of a stick of gum, the Jet Squirrel is hardly noticeable.   For those of you who have been searching for a reasonable alternative to the financial burdens of cable, this is it. Watch your favorite sitcom, Super bowl or your favorite local NBA teams all for free!   Some of the best picture quality possible can be obtained with a Jet Squirrel Antenna and remember over-the-air is  FREE! Say good bye to rising satellite and cable bills!

The Stealth Antenna is the only option for those seeking a simple yet beneficial solution  to replace oppressive cable services.   ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX still leads the Nation in most watched programming unlike what cable and satellite leads you to believe.  For the price less than a monthly bill from cable or satellite,  you can enjoy your Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna! While doing a cost comparison with other antenna solutions in the market today, it’s very clear most Major brands were overpriced , inadequate to the task, not practical solution.   That became one of the major goals in the design of the Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna.

While the Jet Squirrel appears significantly smaller in comparison to most conventional HDTV antennas out there, it is much more than conventional, as it packs loads of signal-grabbing power into its tiny frame.  The unit itself measures about 3.5 inches in length and .50 inches in width ,  the patient pending design makes this the smallest Omni directional antenna in the market today.  The antenna maybe small but it employs top-quality components, including 3 ft of cable, which is shielded to prevent interference and promote high speed performance. In addition, the Jet Squirrel is outfitted with sterling silver connectors to ensure a strong steady signal.  Quality design and components makes the Stealth Antenna perform amazingly and simple to use.

Aside from its sleek design and quality components, the Jet squirrel is extremely easy to install. Simply plug the RF cable from the antenna into your TV, channel scan, and you’re ready to go!  Hide your Stealth Antenna simply on the wall or even behind your TV.  No one will ever know you don’t have cable anymore.   No more need of adjusting rabbit ears or having one of those unattractive space looking antenna ruining the look of your house.

Compared to other antennas in its class on the market today, the Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna truly lives up to its name.

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